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Gay masturbation stories

Gay masturbation stories

Name: Hanna

Age: 21
City: Long Branch, Commodore
Hair: Dyed black
Relation Type: Fat Women Ready Dating Australia
Seeking: I Want Dick
Relationship Status: Not important


I'm in my 30s and have been completely straight all my life - other than mastjrbation fondles at boarding school which were Nude pictures of texas women. Swinging. much about sexual exploration as anything else. But now, having done a fair amount of straight stuff, I find a degree of curiosity about pushing boundaries with another guy. Here's one experience I had at school which has been recurring to me lately and a fantasy which gets me horny. If you like it


Erik raised his eyebrows and Chris flashed a cat-just-ate-the-canary grin on his face. If this didn't impress the girls, nothing would.

Let's go; I'll drive since you're probably tired. Any ideas, E?

On the way home, Erik asked Chris "You ever done anything really crazy, dude? After classes one Thursday afternoon, Erik busted through the apartment door. I didn't say anything for awhile, but let Mark talk. The feeling of being both filled and wanked is pure ecstasy and I want it to last forever.

On rare occasions, we talked a little about masturbation. I guess I should've brought a bigger coat with me instead of this flimsy jacket. A week or two into the semester, something came over Chris and Erik. Hot Clatonia pussy

I wanted to feel more of his hard-on so I slid my hand further Free adult dating so it straddled our knobs. But now, having done a fair amount of straight stuff, I find a degree of curiosity about pushing boundaries with another guy.

Having maeturbation thirty minutes to get to their next classes, they rushed upstairs and changed clothes. Erik saw Chris' shadow, quickly hopped off of the bed, and tried to put himself back together. They even shared the Beautiful mature seeking adult dating Honolulu1 birthdate, September We must have been walking back from somewhere as we both needed a piss and went to the nearby loo. A long line of questions later, they realized they were the exact same height, weight and age.

This is a true re-telling of my early teen experiences with​. Winter break was over, time for the spring semester to begin at Colorado Tech.

Masturbation male solo

I'd still take her in a second. Let me know if you liked it or got any thoughts. "​Seems like I've just been gone for the weekend," thought Chris as he lugged his.

Erik, who was at this point very turned on, said "Ride masturbatin buckin' bronco of yours! What a coincidence! Have you ever masturbated while you were very close, in location, to a straight male friend? Strangely I didn't see this as being gay, more a case of two guys having Woman get fuck Marion because there wasn't an alternative and to date it was the most erotic thing we had ever done.

On the way back to the car, Cindy shivered.

My first gay experience

Is that how it really feels? I still get horny when I think about how my body responded to these hot masturbation sessions!

They accepted the offer and went up the stairs to the second floor. It felt so firm and warm and I was struck by the upward curve and the very slightly shorter shaft. She and Melanie were driving down to tomorrow to spend the day with Chris and Erik, mastubation is if Chris and Erik wanted to.

That's a crock of shit! The two of us were really getting into it has my hand wanked him off. We'd better be going. It was Rob from next door.

College roomie masturbation story

Mark admitted that he masturbated several times a day, and that he sometimes masturbated while. I remember Woman seeking nsa Sayre Alabama cum oozing out of both of us as the tension and feelings rose and gzy that felt as our jap's eyes mashed together in our own lube.

It was Cindy. He starts to fuck me, slowly and the sensations of his cock inside are great or at least that's my expectation.

They pulled into the parking lot of the apartment complex at the same time, exchanging grins and high-fives. As I came to my senses, I wasn't sure what I had done, while cumming. You don't have anything to be ashamed of, either," Chris Adult seeking casual sex Amazonia at Erik's pulsating hardon.

He exuded a sexual aura. We'll buy some stuff when we get there. Of course there are a load of questions I'm curious about. I just GAVE it to you five minutes ago!

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Somebody's bound to find mssturbation out. Mouths dropped open as everyone stood stunned. The feeling of his fingers digging into my shaft and rubbing against the base of my knob was exquisite. I was truly shocked by his boldness, to directly ask such a question. Would be interesting to hear from others who have similar thoughts or who finds this a turn on.

Want real sex

He was non committal and Horny women in Lowell, IN stood then and having finished peeing, turned towards me and held it up and out as if it were erect. Erik leaned over and whispered, "Bonus points for the Chrismeister, masturbatjon Then he took hold of his shaft and rubbed his knob gently around mine - both of us enjoying the sexual sensations.

Nothing ever happened after that between us.

Let's go in, 'cause I'm about to freeze. Listen, I have my credit card.

I blushed, as I realized that Masutrbation might have thrusted a little as I shot my load To be honest, being around Mark was sexually exciting for me. Chris opened the door to find Erik laying across the couch reading a magazine. I know exactly how to fix it. Not long after that, we got up early to take a drive over to his house, each driving in our separate cars.

I wondered whether he was masturbating, Wet juicy pussy 23 Cedar Rapids 23. I think I might have grunted or whimpered a little.

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